TAPS at Sunset

During a community display honoring the first responders in our community, Trumpet performers  and musicians from YOL, LCU, and area schools came to perform TAPS at SUNSET, at the Memorial Flag Field honoring the first responders who lost their lives and all of the police, fire department, and emergency medical workers who vigilantly watch over West Texas, always ready to respond.

To honor them, and those who have given their lives in service, Taps was played every evening between 7:50-8 p.m. on the North East corner of the flag field on display in Kastman Park along Joliet Ave and just off South Loop 289.

This was a solemn and short performance, but very meaningful.

Each flag represents one of the fallen, and honors their life and sacrifice.

The goal of this performance is not to play to a crowd, but rather to honor in our small way what these professionals do every day —

waiting in the wings, always prepared, and ever there ready

to respond, be it for just one or one thousand. So, we will perform

TAPS dutifully, in homage to that service and commitment.

Please come and support our YOL musicians and help us honor the first response and emergency service professionals.

This is but a small measure of giving back to those who are ready and willing to give their lives in service –the police, emergency, and fire department workers of our community – as well as memorialize those who were lost in 9/11, and to honor all those in the generations before us who have sacrificed so much to secure the freedoms we enjoy.


We would be honored if you would attend

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