Audition Information 2024


Registration is now open for LYO Auditions! Live auditions will be held on May 11th, 18th and June 1st, at the Lubbock Symphony Office (601 Ave K). Deadline for registration in May 4th. All new and current students must complete the Registration Form and submit $30 Registration Fee in order to audition.

To schedule an audition and to register, please use the following link: Click Here!


Currently, only cash or check payments are accepted for Registration Fees. Payments can be made at the Lubbock Symphony Office (601 Ave K). All payments must be received by May 4th.


Please review the audition requirements below. Email for any questions!

Audition Requirements

Prelude String Orchestra:

  •  2 major scales of choice (2-octaves) 
  • Violin students who wish to be considered for the 1st Violin Section may prepare a D Major scale or another key that requires shifting 
  • Short excerpt (App. 2 min) from a solo piece that best reflects the highest skill level (A solo from Suzuki Book 1, 2 or 3 would be acceptable)
  • Students must have a minimum of 1 year of experience playing their instrument
  • Students must have a strong ability to read music

Philharmonic Orchestra:

Audition Info (All instruments)-Click Here!

Symphony Orchestra:


LYO Symphony Wind/Brass/Percussion Scales-Click Here!

Each LYO Symphony Audition will begin with scales. Winds and brass will be asked to perform the Chromatic scale as well either the G Major, C Major or Bb Major scales at the top of the page. PERCUSSIONISTS may use the flute scales. String players will be asked to choose one 3-octave Major scale and one 3-octave minor scale to perform.

In addition to scales, each student must perform a Class I UIL solo (2 minutes max). You may find the list here:

Each student should be prepared to sight read a short excerpt.