Audition Results

Please download this PDF YOL Auditioned 2018 for latest audition results.

Congratulations to all the students who auditioned successfully. If your student is not on the list, please contact the YOL office. We encourage students to re-audition. If your student still needs to audition, please call or email YOL. Please, remember the parent orientation will be held at the Pizza Party May 20th. (Location to be announced on this website.)

All parents/guardians must attend this meeting. You will fill out the financial aid and other enrollment paperwork at this meeting, if you are applying for financial aid. Payments can be submitted at this event, via check. All schedule information will be released on the website, and distributed at the Pizza Party event.

All students will be receiving a digital invoice this weekend. Please note that if you pay the invoice in full before May 24 you will receive a %10 discount on tuition.

Please look for the REMIND Group so that you can enroll for updates.