Spring 2021 Concert Music

Please print ALL your corresponding music (your instrument only). 

Students are responsible for bringing their music to every rehearsal and workshop.

String bowings will be decided in rehearsals.


Fantasia for Strings by Elliot A. del Borgo
Golden Fields by Alan Lee Silva
Tip Top by Roy Phillippe

Fantasia for Strings

Golden Fields

Tip Top


La Traviata Prelude/Act I by Verdi
Cello Concerto in C major by Haydn
Russian Sailor’s Dance from “The Red Poppy” by Gliere/Isaac
Themes From The Unfinished Symphony by Schubert/ Goldsmith
The Typewriter by Anderson
Finale from Symphony No. 5 by Shostakovich/ Bulla
La Traviata
Cello Concerto in C major
Cello Concerto Bowings
Russian Sailor’s Dance
The Typewritter