How to RSVP for Rehearsals

How to RSVP for Rehearsals:

    1. Visit our RSVP website page OR you may click the RSVP button from our main navigation page for

Fill in how many students you are bringing, go to next page enter their name, advance to next page and indicate if you are or will not be there for rehearsal.

  • Once there, scroll down to see the calendar. Select the date you wish to RSVP for and click that day.
  • Please fill out your information in the form. You may create a free login if you want it to save your information so you do not have to re-enter it in the future, but it is not necessary to create a login. When filling out the form, please only select one spot. If your student will need to come late or leave early, please let us know this by typing the information in the notes section. Otherwise, leave it blank. (Parents with multiple students can select the number of “spots” that is equal to the total number of their student musicians in the orchestra program, and list the students names who will be attending in the notes section.)
  • Once you have completed the form, click the blue “Book Now” button
  • NOTE: If you have an emergency come up, you can click on the message you get via email and update or cancel your booking for up to one hour before the rehearsal or event.