Member Musician Section

In this section you will find the resources exclusive to our member musicians. Please sign up for the REMIND app to get text and latest updates: Be sure to check back here frequently to get the latest music, uploads, resources, and competition information available to our student member musicians.

Members may enter their Program Info here.

Please fill out the following forms and please mail in before July 1.

For those applying for aid:
Download the Financial Aid Application, Recommendation & Commitment Form here: Financial Aid Application 2018-19

Manager’s Scholarship Program: (To be Released in June)

If not applying for financial aid: Download your Commitment Form here:YOL Student Musician Commitment Form 2018-19

All Students Download and fill out the following:

  1. Download Schedule here: (Not Finalized, additional dates to come) YOL 2018-2019-schedule
  2. Download your Media Release form: YOL Member Musician Media Release Form
  3. Download your Health Form: Medical Release Form Evergreen (1)(1)
  4. LYSO and Community Arts Attendance Interest Form (To Be Released)

Please be sure to keep all documents current and update them as necessary.