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Youth Orchestra Conductor

The Youth Orchestras of Lubbock is seeking a Conductor for the YOL Symphony Orchestra beginning December 1, 2019. The YOL Symphony Orchestra (advanced ensemble) is one of three orchestras in the YOL program, which include the Prelude Strings (preparatory ensemble) and the Philharmonic Orchestra (intermediate full ensemble).

Each Youth Orchestras of Lubbock Conductor is the artistic director of his/ her respective orchestra. Conductors work with the YOL Board of Directors to provide quality orchestral ensemble training for young musicians in Lubbock and surrounding communities by offering a variety of performance experiences and access to professional coaching. The primary goal of YOL Conductors is to mentor and nurture the students and parents who participate in our programs. The YOL conductors collaborate to ensure that members of the program and those considering membership in YOL view the orchestras as a positive meaningful, and necessary musical experience.

This is a contracted, part-time position, reporting to the YOL Board of Directors.

Duties include:


  • Serve as conductor for the YOL Symphony Orchestra.
  • Lead all YOL Symphony rehearsals and provide notes for the orchestra.
  • Conduct YOL auditions to determine seating and ensemble participants.
  • Select appropriate repertoire for the YOL Symphony Orchestra AND prepare student and coaches parts (bowings, measure numbers, etc.).
  • Coordinate planning and implementation of YOL outreaches such as (the Arts Festival, the pre-performance of the Nutcracker, etc.) in coordination with the YOL Board of Directors and fellow conductors.
  • Select and communicate with coaches for sectional rehearsals in collaboration with the YOL Board.
  • Communicate repertoire to the YOL Board so they can make the necessary purchases and create necessary public relations materials.
  • Designate fill-in musicians, if necessary, for YOL concert programs within budget restraints.
  • Communicate instrumentation and equipment needs to the YOL Symphony Orchestra Manager(s) and the YOL Board.
  • Develop the schedule and plan for the orchestra’s annual YOL Fall Workshop day in collaboration with the conductors and YOL Board.
  • Organize the annual Concerto Competition (held in November) in coordination with the YOL Board.
  • Lead a full orchestra in the rehearsal and performance of at least a Grade 4-6 repertoire for the development of advanced high school orchestra students.
  • Teach advanced students in areas of string and winds (must possess a strong knowledge of string and wind pedagogy)


  • Collaborate with the YOL Board of Directors and Conductors to determine the annual calendar of rehearsals and events.
  • Communicate with YOL Symphony Orchestra members regarding music, rehearsal notes, concerts, etc. as needed.
  • Plan and direct recruitment efforts with the assistance of the YOL Board.
  • Speak publicly when called upon to do so as an advocate for YOL.

The Symphony Orchestra Conductor should maintain current knowledge of industry best practices and standards in youth orchestra performance and management, and maintain effective communication with YOL members, parents, coaches, and board members. He/she should possess current knowledge of regional school and community instrumental music programs and maintain collegial relationships with the directors of these programs.  He/she should have the ability to inspire and mentor students within each respective orchestra and respect and be sensitive for the emotional and musical wellbeing of orchestra members and their parents. He/she should have a willingness to embrace and adhere to YOL mission statements, to be a flexible and committed team-member with the YOL artistic staff, and to possess outstanding interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills. Previous conducting experience is required, and conducting experience with youth is preferred.

YOL is accepting applications beginning September 9, 2019. Review of applicants will begin October 1, 2019.
Please email your letter of interest, resume, and link to conducting/teaching videos to:
Beckey Lipe, YOL Board President
Youth Orchestras of Lubbock
Lubbock, Texas 79423