Tuition One-Lump Sum (10% DISCOUNT)

All tuition must be paid before the  RETREAT  via installments or lump-sum payment. Any remaining amount must be paid via Auto-payment plans, and the parent must enroll in the monthly auto-payment plan via credit card or debit card payment before students can begin

There is a tuition discount for paying in one lump sum this season before May 25th. If you wish to pay in one-time, lump sum before  the deadline for this special, the cost is 10% less for the regular fall and spring concert cycle rehearsals and performances.

To pay your tuition in one lump sum, and receive discount price, please purchase below before May 25th:
Select your student’s orchestra that they were
Listed in on the Audition Results, then
click the Buy Now button below.

Choose Orchestra
Student Name:

Please note: Extra activities such as trips, workshops, or other special events may be offered during the year but they will require separate payment. Details for those events will be provided as they are offered, and you are under no obligation to participate.



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