YOL Tuition – Payment Options & How to Select

Annual auditions for all new and returning YOL members require a $25 audition fee, to be paid in cash on the audition date. Audition fees are non-refundable. Annual tuition rates (as of Jan. 2018):

  • $295.00 – Prelude String Orchestra
  • $345.00 – Philharmonic Orchestra
  • $370.00 – Symphony Orchestra

Please note: Additional fees may apply if students wish to participate in add-on activities during the year which occur outside of the regular fall and spring concert series (a regular concert series consists of 8 rehearsals and 1 concert each).

Additional payments will be made based on the orchestra in which you are enrolled.

Each member in the YOL Program in responsible for payment of all applicable tuition and fees. Once enrolled, you will receive an email with confirmation of payment (when paying online). If any balance remains due, an invoice will be created. Any funds paid toward tuition, be it by installment or lump-sum, are non-refundable after the first rehearsal

Prior to the first rehearsal, 30% of any deposit made is non-refundable. Please contact
the Program Director about any necessary information during the summer months.

If financial assistance is needed, you may send a completed financial aid application or a letter of intent to apply for financial aid to info@youthorchestrasoflubbock.org by July 15th. Aid applications are obtained by request from the Program Director or by download from the website by clicking the Member Musician Section tab. It is the desire of the YOL Program that no student be denied participation in the program due to financial need.

You have payment options:

  1. One-time, Lump-sum Payment (Discount offered if paid in full before May 30th Deadline)
  2. Installments (only available if started in May prior to season) Click Here to Enroll for Installments
  3. Auto-pay Monthly enrollment (Contact the Program Director for Approval)

NOTE: You may select the Lump-Sum or Auto-Pay programs from the drop-down menu on the home page of the website, under this page or the tab heading “YOL Tuition Payments.” Autopay Monthly plans are contracted agreements provided upon approval from the Program Director and can not be cancelled for any reason, even if the student withdraws from the program.

Please note, you need two things to enroll in autopay plans:

  1. Approval and a password from the YOL Program Director
  2. A PayPal account with your credit or debit card to use to enroll in the autopay.

Here are the steps to enrolling in Autopayment Plans

1. GET APPROVAL: Contact the YOL Program Director to request approval to be on the auto-pay program. (Approval is required so that we can look at financial aid and other options, as well.) NOTE: You can set this up and get approval the morning of the annual retreat at the information/registration desk.

2. SET UP YOUR PAY PAL ACCOUNT: To set one up, please select “Personal Account” when you visit this link: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/account-selection

3. VISIT WWW.YOUTHORCHESTRASOFLUBBOCK.ORG: Once your account is set up, you will return to the YOL website and click on the tab “YOL Tuition Payments” tab to enroll in one of the tuition autopay programs. Enter the password that you were provided with your auto-pay approval.


  • One-time Lump Sum payment
  • 4 summer installments paid in-full before first rehearsal
  • Monthly auto-pay (If you have applied for partial aid and been awarded the Partial Financial aid OR if you were awarded a Partial Crowder Scholarship last concert cycle, you will select the 5-month Auto-Payment Plan. All other students who wish you play monthly will select the full 10-month Auto-Payment Plan.)

Monthly payments are set at $50/month unless otherwise arranged. (This includes the processing fee)

Once enrolled in an auto-pay program, you can not cancel these payments for any reason – even if your student drops out of the program OR if your student is expelled for violation of the Commitment Form they signed at the beginning of the season.
There is an additional fee for paying out by month.
By clicking “Subscribe” under the heading Auto-pay Monthly for 10 months or  clicking “Subscribe” under the heading Auto-pay Monthly for 5 months, you agree to these conditions.