Competition Requirements

  1. There is a three-step process for participation in the concerto competition:
    • Concerto or solo submission for approval: Students are required to submit a copy of the work (solo part and piano accompaniment or orchestral score) to determine its playability by the orchestra. An orchestral accompaniment must be readily available as determined by the Symphony Conductor after initial submission. Submissions should be emailed to
    • Conductor approval: Notification of approval will be sent to the contestant via email.
    • Completed Competition Application: The entrant is responsible for both the submission of the completed application form and the $25 audition fee by the designated due date. Three copies of the piano part must be submitted when you arrive at the competition. If the solo part is not included on the piano part, 3 copies of the solo part will also be required.
    • Students submitting incomplete or late audition forms will not be permitted to compete.

2. Upon approval, participants must follow these guidelines prior to the competition:

  • The length of the audition cannot exceed ten minutes. “Time” will be called if necessary.
  • Memorization of the competition piece is strongly recommended, but it will be left to the discretion of the student and their private teacher. However, memorization will be a factor in the judges’ decision. All issues of musicianship will be considered in the decision process: See judge’s sheet provided in initial application materials.
  • The student should contact and work with the YOL Symphony Orchestra Conductor ( to determine the full purchase or rental costs of the orchestral accompaniment. YOL will pay a maximum of $250 for music purchase/rental. Concerto competitors will be responsible for the balance if the rental fee or purchase price for the music exceeds this amount. We encourage you to research this issue prior to submitting your competition application.
  • Entrants must provide their own accompanist for the competition and are responsible for any accompanist fees. A piano will be available at the audition site. Students are responsible for providing or securing their own solo instrument if other than piano. Students are responsible for any fees that may be accrued in use of a piano as the solo instrument at performance venues.