About YOL

Youth Orchestras of Lubbock (YOL) is a 501 c3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing an exceptional musical education experience.  YOL manifested as a response to overwhelming public need for an affordable youth orchestra program. To date, the YOL Board of Directors maintains this purpose in overseeing the management of the youth orchestra program. The Board continues to maintain that such a program of this type prioritizes the need for unbiased musical expression and education in the West Texas region among all youth.

The mission of YOL is:

  • To Provide a comprehensive, exceptional music education to the members of the orchestra;
  • To Offer artistic performances that, by extension, collaboratively enriches the lives of flowering musicians, our community, and the entire region of West Texas;
  • To Work cooperatively with the professional music organizations, other non-profit organizations, public/private schools and independent music teachers, composers, institutions of higher education, and other community associations, professionals, and businesses in a collaborative and continuous, collective effort to provide musical development, progress, and inspiration for youth.

YOL also has endeavored:

  • To Provide experiences with the evolution of music (multimedia integration), composition, and progressive music experiences for our students when possible.
  • To Support innovation and provide experiences in both contemporary and classical music, supporting the evolution of music performance through multi-media performance experiences, the development and performance of new compositions, and progressive music experiences for our student musicians.

The Board continues to maintain that its purpose is to uphold YOL’s mission, to expand the program, and to responsibly supervise YOL’s budget. The budget is a public document available to anyone who wishes a copy. The Board further maintains its intention to fulfill this purpose in an open and transparent manner: all board meetings, minutes, and notes are open and available to the public upon request; board members are present at each YOL parent meeting to invite kind and welcoming inquiries of the programming and fiduciary management from parents of YOL students and community members. The goal continues to grow with and from community and parent involvement, and promotes the integrity of the organization’s leadership.




YOL is the only independent community youth orchestra and chamber music program in the southwestern quadrant of Texas that represents the principal metropolitan area of Lubbock and its surrounding regions of eight (8) cities and 17 larger townships in 24 counties (population 420,282). The need for orchestral and artistic expression among youth is clearly demonstrated by the unprecedented and continually growing enrollment numbers. Our current goal, in addition to all other goals, is to reach students outside of the public and private schools system, such as those who are home-schooled, and bring a one-of-a-kind musical experience to communities and municipalities outside of Lubbock. The opportunities that YOL offers young men and women living with-in a one-hundred-mile radius of Lubbock can best be described by the young men and women themselves:

—I am home-schooled, so YOL is the only orchestral experience that I get—
—It is an opportunity to meet new people from different schools—
—Our school doesn’t have an orchestra program, so it is a fun experience to come and play with new friends—

Over 50% of students enrolled in the 2016-2017 season come to YOL from schools that do not have orchestra programming available in their schools. It is the unequivocal ideology of YOL that: while playing ability weighs in determining whether a musician is placed in the Orchestra or the Chamber Music Program, circumstance does not. Thanks to the support of the community, and, especially to the generosity of foundations, we can continue awarding need-based full ($295/$345/$395) and partial tuition aid ($147.50). YOL is also dedicated to bringing in outside, top-notch musical coaches, and it is vital that we able to continue awarding and bringing in coaches to realize our mission to offer orchestral and chamber music opportunities to all young men and woman of West Texas.

To further exemplify YOL’s community involvement: YOL has been given the unique opportunity in the 2017-2018 season to visit other municipalities through a very exciting collaborative musical education experience. Students will get to learn what touring professionals experience as they visit Midland to perform in a truly unique Side-by-Side collaborative concert with other youth musicians from the Permian Basin in April. In August, YOL students were again honored to be asked to join Odessa students as they performed under conductor Jackie Hastings, and then with both Midland and Odessa students under the direction of Maestro Benjamin Zander. These opportunities allowed our students to collaborate with some of the best and brightest youth musicians from neighboring communities in ways that yielded high-caliber musical performances. YOL is committed to continue such efforts and actively work to build partnerships and collaborative relationships that further appreciation of the arts and excellence in symphonic orchestral instrumentation in West Texas. This will allow YOL students to perform music that they never could have performed in their school music programs while perfecting and honing skills that enable them to achieve success and aspire to greatness in the musical arts.

In 2016, Youth Orchestras of Lubbock Student Musicians had an “out of this world” experience meeting other guests of Lubbock’s “Trends and Friends” when they appeared on the show to perform before the Spring concert. It was wonderful fun and the students did a marvelous job.

This season will be even better! Come and see what YOL can offer — more great memories await!